TLN Building Logistics brings a visit to LoadLok and Roland

The annual member meeting of Transport and Logistics Netherlands was hosted this year at LoadLok and Roland headquarters in Tiel. After sharing knowledgde, trends and developments in the meeting, we provided the members with information about load securing and optimization. General misassumptions about Breaking Strenght and Standard Tension Force were explained and we showed them our latest innovations in load securing and opimization. 

Before the meeting, we've asked the members to bring a strap. We professionally tested these on our kalibrated and certified pulling machine. Unfortunately, the shown specifications on the label didn't match with our tests. Ofcourse we also showed that a random LoadLok strap did meet the norm and the specifications on the label. 

We have accomplished our goal to make the members more critical towards their suppliers and more aware of the potential dangers on the road. Everyone who handed in a strap were provided with a LoadLok strap. The roads are again a bit more safer!

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