August 18, 2023

InfiniShield - The ultimate printed curtain


Roland International has always been the pioneer in printing. Back in 1985 (!) Roland was the first company in the industry to print on side curtains. Now in 2018 they revolutionise the side curtain market, again. Roland understands life on the road can be tough. That is why they have created a product that changes everything. A product combining cutting-edge printing technologies and superior durability, under all conditions. Roland proudly presents InfiniShield®.

Customer Survey

Roland has asked their customers throughout Europe (Bodybuilders and Transport Companies) what they find important about their side curtains. Their customers have told them that they want a curtain that is easy to maintain and that last for at least 5 years. The Product Managers of Roland got to work with this information and they came up with a product which fulfills these needs.

Full range of printing technologies

InfiniShield is a new Roland brand that brings together a full range of digital UV and Solvent printing technologies on PVC, with multiple protective coatings to provide the perfect printed side curtain solution for every trailer. Combined with their thorough understanding of color, composition, typography and design principles they create breathtaking full color prints. Together with the coatings, these curtains are dirt-repellent, easy to clean and up to 5 years warranty.

Roland Laboratory

Volkert Veldhoven (Commercial Director of Roland International) says: “We have thoroughly tested our product on the road and in our own laboratory by exposing it to thousands of hours of UV light and simulating the wear & tear from every day. This product is more than ready to hit the market and we are thrilled to see the response of our customers when they see their curtain for the first time!”

Would you like to know more about InfiniShield and the multiple levels of quality finishes? Go to InfiniShield or contact your local Roland supplier.

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The ultimate printed curtain

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