Trailer Security


ZF, Sioen Industries and Securitas joined forces with Europe’s leading manufacturer of (Printed) Side Curtains Roland International. 

Trailer Security
Inside a semi-trailer with anti-thef system
Controll room for trailer security

ZF, Sioen Industries and Securitas joined forces with Europe’s leading manufacturer of (Printed) Side Curtains Roland International. Together we want to reduce the growing problem of cargo theft from trailers with the new Trailer Security solution. We have developed a smart, multi-layered tarpaulin with embedded conductivity. The system can be applied to doors, sides, and roofs for 360-degree security and is compatible with reefers, plywood boxes, containers and curtainsider trailers. Its stand-alone design makes it suitable to apply to both new and existing trailers.

Detection system

System detects intrusion into a trailer by cutting or slashing;

Damage protection

Reduce vehicle damage caused by intrusion


Minimize vehicle downtime

Prevent cargo theft

Prevent cargo theft

Cargo theft is increasing systematically. A report from BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions shows that 86% of all cargo theft in Europe involves goods being stolen from trucks [1]. Such thefts not only impact customer deliveries, but also have a detrimental effect on fleet owners - from damaged trailers and trucks to downtime and higher insurance fees.

[1] Global Cargo Theft Intelligence and Advisory Report – first half 2018

360° Protection

This smart and innovative Trailer Security solution for reefers, plywood boxes, containers and curtainsider trailers provides a 360-degree protection. These multiple PVC coated layers, with a steel grid conductor inside which is configured in a continuous loop, can easily be repaired in case of damage due to intrusion attempts. Or even be removed and placed in a different vehicle.

Wallenborn with Roland Trailer Security system
Trailer Security connected with your telematics

Connected with your telematics

We will deliver a Plug & Play kit with mounting instructions – ready to connect to your existing trailer telematics system. ZF controls the technology via the advanced Transics’ branded fleet management solution – TX-TRAILERGUARD™. This solution can be combined with the WABCO OptiLock ELB-Lock®. This wireless electric door locking system that remotely monitors and operates trailer doors, which features various real-time sensors and alarms.

24/7 Intervention support

Detection speed is key to prevent theft of cargo. Detection sensitivity is ranging from 4 cm – 12 cm between the individual wires. 

If the tarpaulin is tampered with, an alarm goes off automatically to both the driver and a designated person within the company. The Securitas alarm center is also notified. It verifies the incoming alarms 24/7 and takes action in case of an incident. For example, a mobile security patrol can be sent, or even the police. Securitas also offers mobile panic buttons for drivers.

24/7 Intervention support for Trailer Security

The most secure trailer (by ZF, Roland International, Sioen and Securitas)

Intrudor Detector system is a fully operational solution that has been tested by leading transport companies like H. Essers, Wallenborn and Soncotra. Check out the video to find out their approach in cargo security.

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