Military Tarpaulin

Superior Military tarpaulins for NATO-Spec Vehicles

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality military tarpaulins according to NATO specifications and customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality military tarpaulins using military specification PVC cloth. Our materials are rigorously tested to meet and exceed NATO specifications, ensuring exceptional durability and performance in the harshest conditions. 

NATO Spec PVC Cloth

Our military tarpaulins are crafted using military spec PVC cloth, renowned for its exceptional durability and reliability. This high-grade material is meticulously engineered to meet and exceed NATO specifications, ensuring that it can withstand the rigorous demands of military operations. 

The PVC cloth we use is not only incredibly tough, withstanding tears and abrasions with ease, but it is also designed to endure extreme weather conditions, from scorching heat to freezing cold. Its resistance to UV radiation prevents degradation from prolonged sun exposure, while its waterproof properties keep vehicles and equipment dry even in heavy rain.

  • High UV resistant and flame retardant
  • Endures extreme weather conditions

Military spec paint with advanced technology

We utilize top-tier military spec paint, specifically formulated to meet the stringent standards set by NATO. This specialized paint plays a critical role in enhancing the durability and operational effectiveness of the military tarpaulins. Engineered to provide superior camouflage, our paint features advanced pigment technology that ensures optimal concealment in diverse terrains and environments. 

Beyond its camouflage capabilities, our military spec paint is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The paint’s resilience extends to UV radiation, preventing fading and degradation from prolonged sun exposure. Moreover, its robust composition ensures that it adheres strongly to the PVC cloth, maintaining its integrity and appearance over extended periods of use. By using this high-performance paint, we ensure that the military tarpaulins not only blend seamlessly into their surroundings but also maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic quality, providing reliable protection and performance throughout their service life.

  • Paint with advanced pigment technology
  • UV resistance

Handpainted Camouflage Designs

Each of our military tarpaulins features handpainted camouflage designs, meticulously crafted by skilled personnel. This bespoke approach ensures that every pattern is unique, offering optimal camouflage in various terrains. 

Our handpainted designs are tailored to meet specific operational requirements, providing effective concealment and blending seamlessly with diverse environments.

  • Bespoke design
  • Provide optimal camouflage

NATO Spec Locking Mechanisms

Security is paramount in military operations, which is why our tarpaulins are equipped with locking mechanisms according to customer requirements. If needed, including TIR.

These robust and reliable systems ensure that your vehicles and equipment are securely covered, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding sensitive cargo. Our locking mechanisms are designed for ease of use while providing maximum security.

  • TIR security (if required)
  • Customized locking mechanisms

Customizable for Any Length or Type of Vehicle

Roland International understands that military operations require versatility. That’s why we offer customizable tilts for any length or type of vehicle. Whether you need tarpaulins for light tactical vehicles, transport trucks, or specialized equipment carriers, we can tailor our products to meet your specific needs. 

Our experienced team works closely with clients to ensure precise fitment and optimal functionality for any vehicle configuration.

  • Any length
  • Customizable per vehicle type

Specs PVC

The specifications of the PVC are according to the requirements of the specific national army. We're able to deliver to any NATO specification. 

Total Weight
680 - 700 gr/m2
Temperature Resistance
-40/+70 °C
Light Fastness
Bottom and Top dependant; superdull to glossy
Tear Strength
300 N
Fire behaviour
M2 (NF P 92 507:2004)