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Roland truly understands life on the road and the challenges you have to deal with. Therefore we do our utmost to create high quality, foolproof printed curtains. We are the preferred supplier to the European transport industry, with 9 sales offices and 2 Centres of Excellence throughout Europe. Recognized for our innovative and hi-tech approach to both our products, production, and supply chain solutions.

Under our InfiniShield brand we have the most extensive range of printing technologies in-house, including state of the art digital UV printers, powered by an in-house graphic design team.


State-of-the-art factories in Europe


We are in the side curtain business for more than 5 decades


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We are number 1 fully integrated manufacturing partner for the transport industry. With all cutting-edge printing technologies under one roof, offering premium quality printing on curtains in three distinct product levels - with many years of warranty. Through our commitment to new product development, technology leadership, business integration and manufacturing excellence, we are adding value to bodybuilders and transport companies.

ISO 9001 Certified

The ISO 9001 certification, a globally recognized standard for quality management systems, reflects Roland International Polska's dedication to delivering superior products and services. This achievement is a testament to the company's rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards throughout its manufacturing processes.

This certificate covers various aspects of Roland International Polska's operations, including design, manufacturing and quality control. Customers can trust that the company's products are not only innovative but also produced under stringent quality management protocols. It underlines our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions to the European transport industry.

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Roland is member of Cargo Control Company


Roland is member of the Cargo Control Company (C3). C3 is the number 1 provider of smart cargo control solutions to the European transport industry, with 9 sales offices throughout Europe. Through our leading product brands of LoadLok and Roland, we are recognized for our innovative and hi-tech approach to both our products, production and supply chain solutions. 

With commitment to new product development, technology leadership, business integration and manufacturing excellence. Under our LoadLok brand we supply high quality, customer specific load securing and -optimization equipment to OEM, bodybuilders and large fleet operators. For more information, visit

Research & Development

We are passionate about innovation and the development of new products is a central part of our culture.

Centre of Excellence Poland

At our flagship 20000m2 production facility in Konin/Kuny, Poland, we design, develop, and manufacture a range of products including Multitemp and lashing products, as well as side curtain, roofs, and related products. Our technical staff use a combination of SolidWorks CAD and bespoke software, integrated directly with SAP to seamlessly transfer new product designs into production drawings, and automatically generate data such as bills of materials and production documentation. 

We pride ourselves on being a technology leader in our industry and we continue to invest heavily in our facility in Konin/Kuny. We have the most expansive range of printing technologies in-house, including state of the art digital UV printers, powered by an in-house graphic design team. We have also introduced custom-designed, highly efficient welding equipment, as well as automating many traditionally manual processes such as sewing of lashing straps. 

The facility also has in-house testing facilities for new products, materials, and components, ensuring all new developments comply with required regulations before releasing to the market. And, Roland is officially ISO 9001:2008 certified. The quality management audit is executed by DEKRA.

Centre of Excellence UK

Our factory in Hirwaun, Wales, focuses on the design, development, and manufacture of steel and aluminum products. This is the central hub of our design engineering activities for the company, where we have a highly experienced team of engineers. 

Our production facilities include advanced roll-formers with in-line punching, CNC milling centers, power-presses and brake-presses, as well as assembly operations, to offer maximum production flexibility. Whatever the product requirements, we have the technical and manufacturing capability to deliver! 

3D SolidWorks CAD | SAP | In-line Punching | CNC Milling Centers | Integrated Roll Forming Production Line | Power Presses | Brake Presses

Our team of engineering

We are passionate about innovating, and new product development is at the core of our culture. Every day, our engineering teams are focused on developing new, innovative product concepts as well as continuously enhancing the existing product line-up. In addition, we are committed to developing tailor-made solutions for our customers. We believe that by producing customised variations of products, specifically optimised in length, shape, material, and finish, we can help our customers greatly improve the handling of our products on their production line and save them significant (mounting) time. 

Furthermore, we are proud to be a European manufacturer, with production facilities in Poland and Wales (UK), delivering competitive products of the highest quality, with maximum flexibility, just-in-time across Europe.

The combination of in-house product development and manufacture offers the highest level of flexibility in our industry and makes us the perfect partner in cargo control.


As being member of the Cargo Control Company, we benefit from having powerful brands in the transport industry. Take a look at what we have to offer in the cargo control business.



Roland brand

Roland was founded in 1965 and is the number 1 fully integrated manufacturing partner for transport companies and trailer- and body builders, housing the complete process under one roof- from design to printing to fully produced and delivered custom made curtains.

Our strong and solid side curtains, roofs and tilts can stand up to the wear & tear of every day. We understand life on the road and can therefore ensure that our customers can handle the road’s challenges by offering them products of the highest possible quality and durability as well as an outstanding level of service.



InfiniShield brand

InfiniShield is a new Roland brand that brings together a full range of digital UV and Solvent printing technologies on PVC, with multiple protective coatings to provide the perfect printed side curtain solution for every trailer. Combined with their thorough understanding of color, composition, typography and design principles they create breathtaking full color prints. Together with the coatings, these curtains are dirt-repellent, easy to clean and up to 5 years warranty.

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LoadLok brand

LoadLok was established in 1984 in Rotterdam to produce cargo fastenings for heavy-duty road transport. We are proud to be a European manufacturer of innovative cargo control solutions. Our experts work closely with our customers in transport companies, trailer and bodybuilders, Original Equipment Manufacturers, distributors and retailers. 

As a result of these co-operations, we are able to provide the full range of products - standardized off the shelf products and fully customized solutions - to secure and control your load. Our solutions can help you increase load volume, simplify handling and protect your valuable shipments and people.

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