Stronger, Safer and more Secure than a standard Code XL Trailer

Together with Ewals Cargo Care we have developed a unique (intermodal) side curtain solution for multi-purpose use.

Roland XLS semi-trailer for intermodal bulk transport
Roland XLS semi-trailer for intermodal bulk transport
Roland XLS semi-trailer for intermodal bulk transport
Roland XLS semi-trailer for intermodal bulk transport

Together with Ewals Cargo Care we have developed a unique (intermodal) side curtain solution for multi-purpose use. XLS, as we name our patented solution, is an upgrade based on a EN 12642 Code XL Trailer. It comes with a unique lashing system to bring pretension onto the side curtain to prevent it from bulging. Cargo can lean safely against the sides. The XLS solution enables transport companies to send each vehicle to any location as they are multifunctional – suitable for transporting any kind of cargo. Total flexibility.

Upgrade of EN 12642 XL

Stronger, safer and more secure solution

No loose components

 Always a valid XL certificate

Certified by UIC

Suitable for intermodal transport, also for bulk goods

The superlative of DIN EN 12642 Code XL

The superlative of DIN EN 12642 Code XL

The current XL certified trailer (EN 12642 XL) does not meet the requirements for specific industries where the cargo tends to bulge during transport by road, rail or short sea ferry. Our XLS solution has all features of a conventional side curtain and in addition, the unique Mega Huckepack XLS is a structurally stronger and safer trailer to transport cargo such as tires, bulk bags and other loose products. Also suitable for industries such as Automotive, High value goods, Beauty & Care products, Furniture and Air Freight, the XLS solution has great advantages in maximising payload - and reducing the risk of damages and theft.

The trailer can be used a conventional curtainsider trailer, and thus loaded from the side. If maximum XLS performance against bulging is required, pretension is brought onto the side curtain. In this situation the cargo will be loaded from the back. 

For Part Loads a TÜV certified XLS SafetyNet can be used for load securing.

No loose components or horizontal planks

The curtain is fitted with integrated vertical aluminum planks and has become a vital part in the total vehicle construction, suitable for load securing. In fact, throughout the entire vehicle there are no loose components. This has several advantages:

  • It neutralises the risk of the driver not being able to load due to the lack of horizontal planks;
  • XL Certificate is always valid (no parts are missing);
  • No accidents can happen with the removal of planks from height;
  • Not having to remove and reinstall the horizontal planks will increase efficiency by 20-40 minutes per stop!

Making the return on investment a simple calculation. In fact; case study by Ewals Cargo Care shows a 20% efficiency increase by using XLS MegaHuckepack.

Case Study: 20% efficiency increase

Tyre transport bulk (intermodal)
Certified for intermodal transport by UIC

Certified by UIC for intermodal transport

Previously, trailers with only a small dent or bump in the tilt were usually rejected by rail operators. Those dents and bumps could be an early sign of a bulging load and thus a risk for rail traffic. Not all dents and bumps indicate loading issues. Goods might be secured perfectly while a ratchet of a strap pushes slightly against the tilt, making it noticeable from the outside. Such and similar cases unfortunately led to trailer rejection. Understandable – as rail operators are “rather safe than sorry” – but often unnecessary with dissatisfied customers as a result. 

These practices now belong to the past! The UIC (International union of railway) has documented trailer constructions that are equipped for loads having the tendency to settle and bulge within the IRS (International Railway Solutions) framework. Such loads (like: tyres, bales of hay or straw, big bags of granules etc.) can safely lean against the sides of the trailer. The curtain, which can be forced inwards before loading, ensures that the trailer will not exceed the legal allowed width - regardless of the type of cargo.

Custom made curtainsider trailer solutions

Custom made solutions

We have been around long enough to fully understand the needs and requirements of the transport industry. Side curtains must withstand rough handling, remain good in all weather conditions and need to be delivered quickly. With our knowledge and our customers input – we are able to design, develop and manufacture the best solution that fits the requirements.

We are helping customers to position the reinforcements (if required), how can we improve the usability of the side curtain and how can we prevent thieves to enter your trailer? In our extensive database we store all side curtain details – which makes a replacement after several years a simple exercise.

Whether you need a one-off side curtain or a full replacement of your fleet. We provide a one-stop service to our customers.

InfiniShield printing technologies

Innovative production technologies

In our Centre of Excellence in Kuny we house an expansive range of highly efficient welding equipment and high-tech printing technologies (including state-of-the-art digital UV printers). Our production processes have been optimized and mostly automated for a higher quality output for both standard as technical side curtains.   

The facility also has in-house testing facilities for new products, materials, and components, ensuring all new developments comply with required regulations before releasing to the market.

Full suite of side curtains and options

Products according to EN 12641-2 and Daimler

At Roland, we take pride in delivering high-quality and compliant solutions for your transportation needs. We provide our customers a full suite of side curtains and solutions for specific types of transport. Using only the highest quality of materials. Offering a wide range of rollers, buckles and PVC colors. Or additional features such as document pockets, handgrips or anti-theft. 

Our side curtains are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent standards set by EN 12641-2 and Daimler. This norm specifies the minimum requirements for the strength and attachment of tarpaulins used as curtainsiders on intermodal loading units and commercial vehicles. By choosing Roland side curtains, you are ensuring that your transportation operations align with industry standards, providing not only convenience but also a commitment to safety and reliability. 

Contact our side curtain specialists, they will help you to decide what side curtain fits best to your application.

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InfiniShield signwriting

InfiniShield is a Roland brand that brings together a full range of digital UV and Solvent printing technologies on PVC, with multiple protective coatings to provide the perfect printed side curtain solution for every trailer. 

Combined with our thorough understanding of color, composition, typography and design principles we create breathtaking full color prints. Together with the coatings, these curtains are dirt-repellent, easy to clean and up to 5 years warranty.

More about InfiniShield

Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

It may happen that due to theft, storm or an accident your tarpaulin is damaged. Roland will help you quickly repair small damages. With our strong network in the region, we are able to help our customers out when needed. We strongly advice to not wait with any damages occurred to prevent it from ripping out. 

To keep you side curtain in its best condition, curtainsider trailers should be cleaned using hot soapy water preferably with a hose and soft brush. The use of a high pressure water is NOT recommended as this can affect the lacquer coating on the PVC exposing the pores to the elements. This is especially important if you have invested in having your curtain sign written and clear coated.

LoadLok Load Securing for Roland semi-trailers

Load securing

LoadLok is also member of the Cargo Control Company (C3). LoadLok is the number 1 provider of smart cargo control solutions to the European transport industry. Therefor we are able to provide our customers the full range of load securing equipment for side curtain trailers. We join forces to create innovative solutions for specific challenges you may face.

We are more than happy to supply replacement equipment such as: cargo nets, cargo planks, lashing straps and 5110 rail.

Visit LoadLok.com

Upgrade your XLS

Add one of these options to your side curtain


The ultimate printed curtain


Add signwriting to your side curtain to give it an unique appearance

Discover more


Measures to prevent loss of cargo


Add anti-theft measures to your curtain for optimal protection

Read more

Mega Huckepack XLS Roland

The video explains in detail how the XLS is operated. Before loading the side curtain is closed. With the unique lashing system, pre-tension will be brought onto the curtain. This ensures that the load never exceeds the legal width of the vehicle.

Product Specifications

Discover all product specifications of XLS:

MaterialPVC 900 gr/m2 Panama
BucklesStandard Locking buckles (Stainless Steel)
Buckles mountingBackplate and nut
Optional: Huck bolted
HooksStandard Flat Hook (Zinc Plated)
Optional: Customer choice
RollersTandem rollers, depending on roof track
Rollers mountingStitched
Vertical Webbing2400 daN welded
Horizontal Webbing1300 daN webbing 
(=<600mm distance for XL certificate)
Reflection tapeBelow and corners
Optional: Customer choice
Pillar reinforcement3 pillar reinforcements
Corner ReinforcementsTop and Bottom
Water barrierOn top
Optional: Bottom
Front and RearFixed Point:
EU: Alu hook profile or Keder (high frequency welded) 
UK: Steel tube with open hem
Roll Up Point:
Alu Keder profile or Keder (high frequency welded) 
UK: Steel tube with open hem
Pallet reinforcementUntil buckle line

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with our side curtain specialists today. Ask for a quote, product information or find out which curtain fits best to your requirements.

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