January 24, 2024

Your side curtain is your business card!


Side curtains with InfiniShield signwriting on the truck is like a business card on the road, but over time it can lose its luster due to dust, dirt and the rough conditions on the road. Why bother cleaning your side curtain regularly? Here are some reasons why this simple maintenance to your Roland side curtain is invaluable:

1. Professional Appearance:

A clean truck with a well-maintained tarpaulin exudes professionalism. It is not just a matter of aesthetics; it shows that you take pride in your vehicle and the services you provide. A clean appearance inspires confidence among customers and colleagues.

2. Extended Lifetime:

Dust and dirt can damage the tarpaulin and printing, which can shorten the overall life and appearance of the material. By cleaning regularly, you prevent dirt accumulation and reduce damage, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your tarpaulin for longer. As a result, you won't have to replace the side curtain after several years and you will be able to continue driving for longer.

3. More pleasant to work with:

Some drivers have to open the tarpaulin several times a day for loading and unloading. It is more pleasant to work with a clean tarpaulin than with constantly dirty hands or gloves. So you will certainly be doing yourself a big favour!

Useful tips for cleaning

We list the following tips to ensure that the warranty (if any) on the tarpaulin remains in force:

  • Do not wash the sliding tarpaulin within the first 14 days of receipt;
  • Do not rub hard on the tarpaulin when washing it;
  • Do not use water with a temperature higher than 40°C;
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, solvent-based cleaners or acids;
  • Avoid contact with fuel.

 This way, you will keep your side curtain in top condition for even longer and have a beautiful business card

Side curtain with unique dirt-repellent coating

InfiniShield makes cleaning easier, thanks to our revolutionary coating, dirt has no chance to adhere and can be easily rinsed off. In addition, this coating offers a super shiny and protective layer, making it extremely resistant to UV sunlight. InfiniShield's unprecedented robustness under all weather conditions, allows us to offer a guarantee of up to 5 years on our products!

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Your side curtain is your business card!

Side curtains with InfiniShield signwriting on the truck is like a business card on the road

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