Roland has always been the pioneer in printing. Back in 1970 (!), Roland was the first company in the industry to PRINT on side curtains. Over the years we have revolutionized the transport industry when it comes to applying signwriting on curtains. With our in-house laboratory and continuously investment in development of (digital) printing technologies, we have gained a deeper understanding of adhesion, color fading, color gradients and more. If you are looking for a digital or off-set printing technology, we have a full suite of printers and technologies available. Based on the requirements of the customer we’re able to provide the ultimate printed curtain, from single sets to entire fleets, with outstanding durability under all conditions. 

And marketeers: Imagine what kind of exposure you can get from a 13,6m driving on (international) roads… Multiply that with the total number of your fleet for X years! This is a million viewers business. The ROI on this PPM is unrivalled!


From design to delivery

Printing technologies

Full range of printing technologies: Digital UV, Digital Solvent and Screen


Up to 5 years warranty on signwriting


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InfiniShield semi-trailer on the road

A product combining cutting-edge digital printing technology and superior durability, under all conditions. The ultimate printed curtain

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Graphics, Foils & Printing technologies

Semi-Trailer of McVities with beautiful full color print

Full range of printing technologies

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Graphic Studio

Graphic Studio of Roland

Creating designs beyond your imagination

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Military Tarpaulin

Conform NATO spec

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality military tarpaulins according to NATO specifications and customer requirements.

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Replaceable advertising space

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Your project, your design. Challenge us and we'll make it happen.

Adrian Różański | Product Manager Graphics
Working together on design

From design to finished product

We are more than happy to provide you a one-stop-service. We can help you creating a unique design, print it on any type of PVC color and supply it directly where you need it. From a single set up to replacements for entire fleets.


Graphic Studio

Roland Laboratory

We understand that life on the road can be harsh. High and low temperatures, loading and unloading: Every day our customers transport their cargo throughout Europe. Curtains have to resist all the elements of nature and heavy usage every single day. 

In our laboratory with a full quite of equipment, we simulate these influences and do intensive testing of our products to take quality to the next level and to build curtains that last longer. The following tests are carried out continuously, to further improve the quality of our products:

  • Bending / Scratching tests
  • Aging / UV / Weather tests
  • Adhesion tests
  • Dirt resistance tests
Roland's laboratorium

InfiniShield - Qualities in finish

To make sure the side curtains make the same impress over the years to follow as when they were new, our InfiniShield comes in 3 different products. We offer different qualities in finishing to provide a solution for any needs. And we guarantee for the impression!



InfiniShield R2

UV-resistant for 2 years

Standard dirt shield

Standard fading resistance

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InfiniShield R3C with coating

UV-resistant for 3 years

High-gloss protective lacquer

Improved dirt shield

Enhanced fading resistance

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InfiniShield R5C with coating

UV-resistant for 5+ years

Super brilliance protective lacquer

Optimal dirt shield

Excellent fading resistance

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InfiniShield - The ultimate printed curtain

As a leading global manufacturer in the transport sector, Roland knows life on the road can be tough. That is why we have created a product that changes everything. A product combining cutting-edge digital printing technology and superior durability, under all conditions. We proudly present InfiniShield®.

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Roland's commitment to sustainability:

Testing recycled PVC for side curtains

At Roland International, we believe that progress means embracing innovative and sustainable solutions.

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ISO 9001 Certification

Roland's Centre of Excellence

Roland International Polska Sp. z.o.o. proudly announces the obtainment of ISO 9001 certification for its new state-of-the-art factory, for ten consecutive years.

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Intermodal or Multimodal?

What's the difference.

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