Replaceable advertising space

The RolaBanner brings replaceable advertising space to curtainsiders.

RolaBanner semi-trailer

The RolaBanner brings replaceable advertising space to curtainsiders. This solution brings added value to either transport companies, rental companies and marketeers. No need to replace the full side curtain. Only the advertising space can be replaced with a new commercial advertising - within minutes!


Simply change your banner

Strong zipper

Use it over and over again

Short term campaings

For temporarily events

Zipper system of a RolaBanner

Fully closed zipper system

It is attached to the base side curtain by means of two zippers on top and bottom. On the side of the banner, there are protective Velcro strips to keep out dirt and water as well as to reduce the effects of wind on the banner. The banner can be made from different types of (mesh) fabrics on which a digital image can be printed. This option is available on any kind of curtain. 

The advantage of this system is that the banner can be quickly and easily replaced by a new one, in minutes. This allows you to conduct short-term advertising campaigns as well as to change banners at the request of your customer in order to attain entirely different advertising goals. In terms of ROI this is a highly efficient tool for the transport industry.

It’s all in the details

The finishing of our products is considered to be the best in the industry. All curtains come as standard with finishing:

  • Reflection tape below and corners
  • 3 Pillar reinforcements
  • Top and Bottom Corner Reinforcements
  • Top water barrier
  • Front and Rear keder (high frequency) welded
  • Pallet reinforcement until buckle line 

As we’ve been doing so for over 5 decades.

Added value

Bringing additional value to all stakeholders in the transport industry.

Transport companies

Transport companies can offer their (short term) customers additional value by giving them the ability to advertise on their trailers. Even short term campaigns such as promotions or unique events such as world championships football.



Rental companies

Rental companies can offer the RolaBanner to their (short term) customers. This way they don’t have to drive anonymous, but with full branding.  





The RolaBanner brings a powerful tool to marketeers. They are able to replace the advertising campaign based on promotions or unique events such as world championships football. Reaching possibly a million viewers audience!

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