We are offering different solutions for protecting your cargo against theft. These Anti-Theft solutions vary from steel cables integrated into the tarpaulin, up to full Trailer Security systems with 24/7 surveillance for precious cargo. Select the solution that best fits to your requirements. 


Anti-theft adjustments to prevent loss of cargo


Standard equipped with reinforcements and fine finishing


More than 5 decades of experience

Our offering

Select a solution that fits best to your requirements



Theft preventive adjustments

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Trailer Security

Trailer Security

360 degree trailer security

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The most secure trailer

ZF, Sioen Industries and Securitas joined forces with Europe’s leading manufacturer of (Printed) Side Curtains Roland International. Together we want to reduce the growing problem of cargo theft from trailers with the new Trailer Security solution. We have developed a smart, multi-layered tarpaulin with embedded conductivity. The system can be applied to doors, sides, and roofs for 360-degree security and is compatible with reefers, plywood boxes, containers and curtainsider trailers. It’s stand-alone design makes it suitable to apply to both new and existing trailers.

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ISO 9001 Certification

Roland's Centre of Excellence

Roland International Polska Sp. z.o.o. proudly announces the obtainment of ISO 9001 certification for its new state-of-the-art factory, for ten consecutive years.

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Ewals XLS

The next generation of side curtains for load securing

Ewals Cargo Care, one of Europe’s largest intermodal transport companies, has adapted the XLS solution combined with InfiniShield graphics as standard for their entire fleet. 

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